About "Стэл КС "

The Russian company Stel - Computer Systems was founded in 1991 and specializes in the field of development and ap­plication of the advanced information technologies. We have all necessary state licenses of the Russian Federation complete technological base and highly qualified personnel for realization of complex projects.

The company Stel - Computer Systems is the leading Russian supplier of technologies and decisions for construction of systems of a video conferencing. The company represents in the Russian market complete spectrum of the network and terminal equipment of the largest world manufacturers for creation of the branched out networks of a videoconferencing of any degree of complexity. Stel -Computer Systems is the gold partner of company Polycom Inc.

The company makes a wide spectrum of computer technique: the specialized high-efficiency computer complexes using blade architecture, rulers of mobile video terminals, stationary and mobile telemedical complexes of series Stel TK and Stel TKm. The fam­ily of the robotized libraries STEL roBiB on the basis of DMD disks is developed. System of a quality management in the company Stel - Computer Systems is certificated on conformity to standard ISO 9001-2001.

Among the main business directions: services, decisions and technologies for remote training, a telemedicine and problems of processing of speech.

The company offers a complex of software (CS) full functionality and is designed to support open learning - STELLUS. CS STELLUS during more than 7 years is successfully applied in a number of the Russian high schools and corporate educational institutions. Complete with CS is delivered and hardware-software complex on the basis of personal and group video terminals as a set of tool means for open learning.

In the field of a telemedicine concepts of regional networks and standard projects of the telemedical centers are developed. Hardware-software complexes STELTK of support of telemedical consultations and remote diagnosing are successfully used in a number of leading medical institutions of the Russian Federation and have proved as reliable means of support of medical process.

Result of development of speech technologies became creation of systems of automatic recognition of speech. Developed by the company hardware-software complexes «Golos», are intended to text-independent identification of announcers in various communication links and various conditions of application. We work above problems of recognition of Russian speech and prob­lems adjoining this theme. By the company are created representative acoustics-phonetic language bases.

The company Stel - Computer Systems on a regular basis participates in the international and homeland profile exhibitions, conferences and seminars. Articles of our authors are published in the leading magazines devoted to information technologies.

The company is included into National innovative-technological chamber, Association of Documentary Telecommunication and in Association of Protection of the Information, and also is a collective member of Academy of problems of quality of the Russian Federation.

Our main customers - everyone, for which are necessary reliability, a modern technological level and quality. It is a lot of the ministries, departments and other official institutions of Russia, large corporations of fuel and energy complex, the industrial enterprises, scientific centers, commercial banks, the investment companies, publishing houses and advertising agencies.

We are interested in an establishment of partner relations with the companies: integrators and operators of communication for joint realization of projects in the field of information projects in Russia, CIS countries and other countries of the world.