Системный ИТ-Интегратор • Поставщик отраслевых и бизнес решений с 1991 года

Activities of the company

Areas of activity

     1. The company "Stel CS" offers comprehensive services for the creation of "turnkey" conference rooms of any level of complexity, as well as a distributor of professional audio-visual equipment.

Provided a range of services to equip the rooms "turnkey" includes:

  • the supply and sale of equipment
  • warranty service,
  • technical support,
  • development of concepts and terms of reference,
  • the design,
  • installation and commissioning,
  • training.

The company "Stel CS" equip modern multimedia complex audio-video equipment video conferencing:
  • conference room or meeting room;
  • conference room or executive office,
  • video conferencing or al Hall,
  • educational audience
  • Dispatching or situational center,
  • 3D-center;
  • Digital Signage

2. The company offers standard solutions for the construction and implementation of distance learning systems for the various activities of an individual or a distance learning system specific to your organization , and to develop any software for your task .

On the system of distance education STELLUS

STELLUS - multifunctional , modular, multimedia hardware and software system , built with the use of network and web-based technologies to support distance learning.
STELLUS - a complete solution for the support and development of processes related to learning .

STELLUS easily integrated into the learning process of any educational institution - from school to university , from the Centre of Excellence to corporate training centers.
The complex provides all the necessary tools for creating distance learning courses , programmed tutorials and test tasks .
Students have access to the courses and tests hosted on the corporate network or the Internet using a standard web- browser (IE 5.5 and above).

3. Throughout the history of the company - more than two decades - our company has been developing in the field of Speech Technology.

The company has developed a hardware- software complex "The Voice" for text independent speaker identification . The product is designed for operation in different communication channels . Functionality systems aimed at the processing of large amounts of data in an automatic mode with maximum speed. Also, a system of "Voice - Anonymous " to change the voice maintaining intelligibility of speech when entering a microphone or as audio files .

Speech division of the company responsible for the modern scientific and practical level solutions to the problems , working with the department of development of software and hardware that provides a professional manufacture of final products in the interest of consumers.

Forces of the company " Stel CS" at the Moscow Institute of Radio Electronics and Automatics is taught "Modern speech technology." According to the speech of subjects tested and passed training and work experience students of Moscow State University , MIREA MIEM , the Institute of Linguistics of MEI .

4. The company develops its own hardware and software solutions as well as solutions for video conferencing .